There and Back Cafe & Games in Downtown Sacramento (around the corner from our bookstore at 1020 11th Street, Cathedral Square) is looking to add members to our team. Our space brings our community together for a safe place to enjoy fandom, cosplay, and exploration of new games (or finding people to play with).

On-Call Barista

This is a unique position for someone who doesn’t want a full-time position and wants the freedom to do other things rather than have a set schedule.

We’re looking for someone to be a filler for when a barista or bar-back goes on vacation or calls out. As you can imagine, vacations are forseeable and can be planned in advance, but call-outs due to illness or life crisis happens on the fly. We’d like this person to have a fairly flexible schedule to accommodate last-minute opportunities.

Pay: $17/hour + shared tips


  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Have at least 2 years of barista experience at a coffee shop.
  • Have knowledge of making popular drinks (espresso, pour-over, French press, Chemex)
  • Candidate will have an outgoing personality and have the skills necessary to develop themed drinks. We expect to change out certain drinks throughout the year or for specific holidays or movie releases.
  • Must have experience calibrating espresso grinders.
  • Create hot, iced, and blended beverages.
  • Must be able to take, and pass, the Safe Food Handlers class.
  • Have the ability to take, and pass, the ABC Responsible Beverage Service class to serve beer, wine, and cider
  • Follow all state, local, and private company protocols regarding food safety and general health for the safety of everyone.
  • Follow closing task lists to ensure the cafe operates smoothly.
  • Carry food and beverages to customers’ tables.
  • Ensure that tables, chairs, the play area, and public areas are promptly cleared of dishes and sanitized after use.
  • Feel comfortable assisting with taking garbages to the dumpster in the alley (buddy team encouraged).
  • Occasionally receive and organize food and beverage deliveries.
  • Count the register before and/or after a shift.
  • Make sure equipment stays clean and fully operational.
  • Safely and accurately operate the espresso machine (we will train you on our La Marzzoco).
  • Assist with sweeping, mopping, and cleaning the store during/after a shift.
  • Assist our team with getting dishes into the dishwasher and bussing tables (we all do it).
  • Be willing to learn how to help the kitchen prepare simple orders (rare, but we all learn each other’s jobs).
  • Assist customers by taking their food and beverage orders on our point-of-sale system. You’ll be trained on Square.


  • Paid time off.
  • 401k.
  • 30% off of any purchases at There and Back Cafe and Capital Books.
  • One complimentary meal and beverage per shift at There and Back Cafe.
  • $3/day parking in a security-patroled garage across the street.
  • Access to an ever-growing collection of tabletop games. (If you finish your duties, we encourage our employees to engage in exploring, and learning, our many types of gaming activities as a way to become more familiar with our offerings and, time-permitting, kick-start a customer’s game by giving them an overview of it or suggesting games you enjoy).

Must be comfortable working in Downtown Sacramento.