We have 12 tables available (for about 55 people) for dining and/or game-playing. We have several games that you may play, or you’re welcome to bring your own game. Any night can be a general game night, though.

We often schedule special date-driven events, which can be found on the top menu. 

See the schedule below where you can find kindred spirits doing something you’re interested in.

Thursday Nights

Two-item min purchase with free entry

Miniature Painting
(bring your paints and miniatures; we’ll supply the magnifiers and task lighting)

Fantasy Painting
(see Events for info & dates)

Trivia (see Events for themes & dates)

Friday Nights

Two-item min purchase with free entry

Magic the Gathering

Saturday Nights

Two-item min purchase with free entry

General Board Games

Dungeons & Dragons
(see Events page for dates)

(see Discord server for dates)

Our sister store, Another Universe (the basement floor at Capital Books), boasts one of the largest collections of Magic the Gathering cards in Sacramento. We have more than 100,000 cards sorted and conditioned for your purchase. We also have Magic experts on hand to help you find cards, make decks, and learn to play.

There and Back Cafe carries a small array of Magic cards, but the larger selection is over at Another Universe (around the corner and four shops down from us on K Street). You can also peek at their inventory online. If you have any questions about Magic cards, call Jacob, Katie, or Ross at Capital Books.