No weekend same-day reservations.

Because weekends are super-busy, if you have not previously made a reservation, we take walk-ins only. Be patient about wait times (both for food and a table).

Daytime Reservations

We highly recommend making a reservation for Saturdays or Sundays.

Evening Reservations

Thursdays till 9 pm
Fridays till 10pm
Saturdays till 10pm

Kitchen closes at 9:15 pm | Last call for beverages is 9:30 pm

To play/reserve for the evenings, we require a $5 minimum purchase per person after 5 pm. Saturday nights fill up, so we recommend making a reservation.

If  we are busy, we will hold your reservation for 15 minutes before giving your table to someone else. If you’re running late, give us a call at (916) 237-5925 to let us know what time to expect you.

If you are coming for a specific game we’re hosting (such as Learn D&D, Pathfinder, MTG), please do that from our Events Page. For all other general eating or game-playing reservations, do that below.

Make a Reservation For Up to 10 People

More than 10 people in your party?

Under our general reservations, we can accommodate up to 14 people without the space rental fee, but we do expect patrons to spend at least $5 each in food or beverage purchases. Get in touch with us below and let us know:

Your name
Arrival date & time
Departure time
Number in your party

More than 14 people in your party?

If you’d like to inquire about seating more than 20 people for a game/tournament, email us. We can arrange for that above the cafe in the Capitol Event Center (fees for that come from the Event Center, but we can get you a discount).