On-Site Catered Meetings

Daytime Monday-Friday: We have the ability to host gatherings, meetings, and fundraisers. We can accommodate no more than 30 people without you having to rent out the entire cafe.

Breakfast Buffet Items:

Sausage patties $1.00/per
Turkey patties $1.60/per
Heidi’s Sweet & Spicy Bacon $1.33/per
Scrambled eggs (2 per): $2.25/per
Parfait: $4.50 ea
Coffee carafe, tea $6/per


Almond Croissant $4.25 ea
Plain Croissant $3.25 ea
Chocolate Croissant $4.95 ea
Bear Claw $3.25 ea
Blueberry Crumble (muffin) $3.25 ea
Blueberry Scone $3.25 ea
Cherry Turnover $4.50 ea
Apple Turnover $4.50 ea
Iced Lemon Scone $3.25 ea
Morning Bun $4.00 ea
Vegan Morning Glory Muffin $3.25 ea

Off-Site Catering

It is preferred that offsite event catering orders (pickup or delivery) be placed at least 1 week in advance. Pickup is preferred, but if your event is in the near vicinity of our cafe, and we can get to it with our nifty cart, we can bring your order to you. Someday we’ll be fancy and have a van for deliveries.

You can place an order using the button below. Our items and pricing follow. If you have something specific in mind, but don’t see it below, just ask if we can make it for you.

The prices below assume that we will be packaging your selections for you to pick up.

Should you want us to come and set up your order, there will be a $75 charge for that.

Any questions, please contact us at heidi@thereandback.cafe

Refreshing Skewers:

Melon Stacks

Mozzarella sandwiched between honeydew, cantaloupe, or watermelon rounds (depending on what’s available and in season) with prosciutto and basil a top….$3.50 ea

Cherry Tomato Skewer

Skewers of mozzarella and cherry tomato with a basil leaf….$3.50 ea

Bite-Sized Toasts:

Smoked Salmon

Smashed avocado, thinly sliced smoked salmon, pickled onions, capers on top of a butter and garlic baguette round…….$4.50 ea

Spicy Blueberry Goat Cheese

Smashed avocado, blueberry goat cheese, blueberries, and basil drizzled with house-made habeñero honey…..$4.50 ea

Apples and Cheddar

Smashed avocado, apples, and white cheddar sprinkled with fresh dill and a honey drizzle……$4.50 ea


Thinly sliced pears with crumbled gorgonzola on walnut bread and a honey drizzle…..$4.50 ea


Skewers of three garlic-roasted fingerling potatoes drizzled with sour cream and chives…..$3.00 ea

Skewers of two garlic-roasted fingerling potatoes and chicken & apple sausage, drizzled with bourbon fig jam…..$4.50 ea

(Vegan) Skewers of two garlic-roasted fingerling potatoes and plant-based sausage, drizzled with bourbon fig jam…..$5.00 ea

Scotch Eggs $4.00 ea

Quail egg wrapped in seasoned ground sausage, breaded, and air-fried to perfection. Served with dipping mustards.


Small servings in an acrylic cup perfect for sipping & mingling $3.00 ea

Larger portion as a side to a meal $6.50 ea


Summertime: Watermelon & English cucumber gazpacho

Summertime: Cold cucumber soup 

Fall/Winter: Butternut squash creamed soup

Fall/Winter: Roasted parsnip & pear soup

Fall/Winter: Minestrone Soup (this one would come with a spoon)

Fall/Winter: Hearty potato soup (this one would come with a spoon)


We offer beautiful charcuterie boards. We also offer vegetarian and vegan versions. Cones are great for gatherings where attendees will be standing and mingling.

If you want to borrow our bamboo cone holder(s), there will be a $25 deposit for each cone tray that will be refunded when the tray(s) are returned.

$10 per person

$12 per cone

Catering Photos

Scroll through the gallery below to see what we’ve catered.